Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. What is a reverse image search?

It is a search performed from an image. An image is supplied to the system, and the system tells you where this image is found. Instead of supplying keywords to a search engine, you supply an image and you get the matches found, for that same image or variations of it.

2. What is picMatch?

It's an image monitoring service. picMatch is a tool for Press Agencies, Stock Agencies, Marketing Firms, Legal Departments, SEO Professionals, Photographers, Visual content creators, or even Models to help them keep track of where images are used on the web. It uses reverse image search technology to find images. Users import their images to our system, and we help them find where they are used on the internet.

3. What can picMatch be useful for?

You can use picMatch to:

  1. Locate where your pictures are used on the web;
  2. Find if your images are used illegally (copyright infringement);
  3. Document where your images have been used overtime.
  4. Find where to buy an image. Just add an image to your account, press the Search button, and it will tell you on which stock agency you can find the picture.

4. Can it locate an image within a document?

Yes. It can even find an image embedded into a pdf (or other format) document.

5. Can it locate an image even if it has been altered?

Even if your image is in color, and it’s conterpart is in in black and white, it will find it; Even if text has been added to the image; Even if only part of the image is used; Here is an example :

Image as uploaded to our system Image found on the web (on a product packaging)

Another example:

Image as uploaded to our system Image found on Pinterest

6. Can it find a video?

Yes. If you upload a single frame from the movie you are looking for, it will find the video.